Visit Visa Type B1

A visit Visa (a tourist) with a work permit. It is customary to grant such a visa to migrant workers as well as to spouses of Israelis at the first stages of the procedure regulating status. This status does not confer health insurance privileges and social security.

For example, we were consulted by an Israeli citizen whose spouse had arrived in Israel as a foreign worker or on a tourist visa, and after some time was served with a order of deportation, under which she was required to leave Israel. From the moment the client approached our office, we began handling the status of the woman, succeeded in cancelling the deportation order and obtained for her a proper legal status in Israel.

When referring to a law office for handling issues of status regulation/visas in Israel, it is important to ensure that you reach lawyer that this is his area of expertise. The field of status regulation/visas/residence permits requires specific, in-depth and thorough expertise, which is rendered by Gila Barzili Law Office.

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