Regulating of Status

Gila Barzili Law Office is an expert and leading office in Haifa and the North in the field of Regulating of status, visas, and permits for foreigners who are married to or cohabit with an Israeli citizen, or are parents of children who are Israeli citizens, asylum seekers, immigrants, refugees and foreign workers. The office has experience in all the procedures before the Ministry of the Interior and the Entry to Israel laws, the Immigration laws and all types of status/visas as well as all the various circumstances under which the entitlement for a status or a visa were established. Furthermore, the office is well versed in all the required procedures and proceedings required in order to successfully achieve the desired status.

Israel is not an immigration state, therefore citizenship may be acquired only in two circumstances: by virtue of the Law of Return (i.e. whoever is a Jew, a son of a Jew, a grandson of a Jew and their spouses) or by virtue of Marriage and/or cohabitation with an Israeli citizen, under the Law of Citizenship. The naturalization process (by virtue of marriage) confers a temporary status during the procedure of reviewing the honesty of a couple's relationship and center of life, pending grant of citizenship.

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