Reducing child support

Sometimes, the amount of child support, which is set out within the initial agreement between the spouses during separation or divorce, is subject to change. The child support amount may change in a number of diversified situations, among them change in the father's income, transition from self-employed to salaried employee and vice versa, dismissal and various other reason which justify reducing the amount of child support.

An additional and frequent case for reducing child support is when the father agrees to pay a child support amount which is much higher than customary, due to the desire to avoid quarrels or out of scruples, mainly if he himself initiated the separation. After a few years, when the father establishes a new family, he may discover that he can no longer provide for his new family appropriately since most of his earnings are dedicated to higher-than-normal payment of child support to his children of the previous marriage.

Gila Barzili Law Office, engages also in this kind of situation and is available to assist fathers in this predicament by lodging a claim for reduction of child support.

The success of such a claim is conditional on proving substantial change of circumstances which has occurred since the day the child support fees were determined to the day on which a claim for reducing child support has been filed. The concept underlying lodging a claim for reducing child support is that alongside the obligation of child support, the father should be able to establish an additional family and provide for his additional children with dignity.

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