Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreement – only for the rich? 


This prevalent myth causes many couples who had not protected their rights prior to their marriage to long and expensive divorce battles, which harm them and their common assets accrued during their cohabitation.


This won't happen to me


Many couples enter the marriage believing their relationship will last forever and that in the event of separation their rights will be protected and will not be trampled by the person they married.


However, reality may differ from the initial romantic belief, in that at a time of separation, couples often insist on their full legal rights even if they themselves had originally orally agreed otherwise.


These days more and more couples marry older, and enter married life with some property and funds, even if not substantial, and there is therefore considerable importance to regulating the marriage pursuant to a prenuptial agreement.


The prenuptial agreement establishes order and tranquility for both parties and governs the division of property and funds in case of separation. For instance, which assets will be considered common property and will be divided between the couple and which funds and property will remain in separate ownership of each one of the spouses, for example: savings which one of the parties had made prior to the marriage or an apartment that the parents of one of the spouses had acquired for him/her prior to the marriage.


A prenuptial agreement is important and essential for creating clarity and consents regarding the future. When a prenuptial agreement is properly drafted and given the force of a Court order, much heartache, expenditure and many legal proceedings are avoided, which would otherwise occur in the process of separation procedures without an agreement.


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