Dissolution of marriage

The procedure of dissolution of marriage is an alternative to divorce proceedings which are held before the relevant religious Court when both two spouses are of that same religion.

When the spouses belong to different religions ("Mixed marriage") or are defined as "having no religion", their marriage is not recognized by the religious Courts. In most cases these are couples, who had gone through a civil marriage ceremony abroad, and when they wish to divorce, a civic procedure, called "dissolution of marriage" is available to them.

The dissolution of marriage procedure falls under the jurisdiction of the Family Court, provided that the marriage was entered into by in a civil ceremony only, pursuant to the provisions of the Jurisdiction in Matters of Dissolution of Marriage (special cases and international jurisdiction Law), 5729 – 1969.

Frequently, the procedure of dissolution of marriage turns to be a complex and difficult procedure and therefore it is extremely important to select an experienced and professional lawyer who is well versed in the dissolution of marriage procedure and can carry it out quickly and efficiently.

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