Custody of Children

The subject of children in general and their custody in particular is the Achilles heel of separation and divorce proceedings.

In a situation of separation and divorce, one of the issues which must be meticulously watched is the avoidance of the children being turned into weapon in the hands of one parent against the other, i.e. promoting the personal interests of a parent as opposed to looking after the wellbeing of the child. This war mainly harms the children and may cause them irreversible damage.

Gila Barzili Law Office is well versed in this issue and handles this subject with great care, ensuring the children's wellbeing and keeping the entire picture, in order to spare the children's feelings and help them go through this process in the easiest possible way for them.

The field of custody of minors, including the handling matters with the welfare officer, preparing welfare reports and removing minors out of their homes, is an important and essential issue that the office of Gila Barzili devotedly handles with great devotion.

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