Child support

Every child is entitled to receive child support from his parents. Since Israel Law of this subject is based on the Hebrew Law, the obligation of payment of child support is imposed on the father and arises mainly when the children are in the mother's custody. 

Child support is mostly paid until the age of 18, and in special cases, it may be extended until the age of 21, but the amount will be reduced to 1/3 of the original child support amount.

Child support is determined by the Court, attempting to anticipate the children's present needs and those of the future, and is based on weighting various data, among other, the father's income (such calculation is obviously intended to ensure that after payment of child support the father will have a sufficient funds to live in dignity), the children's needs (food, health, education) residence and living expenses (where do the children reside? in the mother's apartment, in a rented apartment or in an apartment subject to a mortgage?) as well as the mother's income -  when the matter is before a Family Court.

When a couple makes a divorce agreement, it is desirable to determine therein full child support till the age of 21. In addition, in order to cut down future disputes, it is desirable to decide on all the matters relating to raising children, among them private lessons, driving lessons, psychological treatments and various diagnoses.

A good agreement ought to covers all likely future occurrences and provides reasonable answers thereto.

The area of child support is of paramount importance in our office, Gila Barzili Law Office. We ensure that all relevant details are meticulously, including those the parent may overlook, among others, mainly due to the stress and anxiety the parent may experience at this stage.

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